google white hat

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is all about doing things in the correct way, utilising the methods which are seen to be ethical as opposed to unethical.

Spotting an Ethical SEO Campaign

To help understand what passes as being White Hat we have listed below for you a few guidelines.

  • Content – focus on quality content. Factual information which is interesting to the end user is key. Content which is original and not similar or duplicates anything else already online
  • Structural Markup – separate your content and design adequately, giving Google easier access to what part of your site is content and what is design. Use correct implementation of headings, paragraphs and so forth
  • Title and Meta data – utilise these tags properly and create enticing messages which make people want to click into your site
  • Keyword Research – research into which keywords and buzz words are relevant to your topic to include within your copy. It is important to write your content from the viewpoint of what people want to find your site for, but also with informative text as opposed to just stuffing with keywords
  • Quality Linking – arrange linking from sites of a similar niche or topic, do not pay for links unnaturally or use links unrelated to your site for the sake of increase your incoming links amount

Using the above steps will help you to SEO your site using White Hat practices.