About Us

Recovery SEO provide a service dedicated to help websites recover their positions which have been lost to the latest algorithm updates and/or through penalties applied by Google’s web spam team.

Recovery SEO first became available late 2013 due to many companies approaching Weblinx Ltd about a penalty they had received. As Weblinx Ltd is primarily an SEO company, Recovery SEO was formed to handle all companies that required a recovery SEO service to be carried out.

Recovery SEO covers an array of penalties that can negatively impact websites rankings, such as:

Recovery SEO are consistently on the lookout for any new updates Google are rolling out, as well as any new techniques that can be used to improve the recovery of a website whether it be to improve the time necessary or the amount of resources required.

As well as helping companies, Recovery SEO are always looking to provide new information where possible to the public. This is our way of giving other people a chance of recovering their rankings themselves without having to hire a company to do the work.

To learn more about our services, please navigate around our website and read each of our pages. We are frequently updating our web pages with new information when it is available.