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Recovery SEO Company & Penalty Prevention Services

Recovery SEO are a highly experienced SEO company, specialising in recovering websites search engine rankings which have suffered due to search engine algorithm updates. It can be a time consuming task for many companies who have been penalised to recover their rankings and could be further detrimental when carried out by someone with little knowledge of what to do. We take the risk out of further ranking declines by carrying out an search engine optimisation service which provides results.

Google algorithm updates are made to provide searchers with more refined results and better answers to their search queries when using Google. Unfortunately for many business owners, algorithm changes can bring a decline to your websites rankings should your site be deemed either spammy or low-quality in comparison to other websites which are natural and of high-quality.

Recover Your Websites Rankings in Google’s Search Results

Our SEO recovery services are perfect for any business that has noticed a decline in sales/leads since a penalty hit their website. If you are looking to recover your rankings, please read on to learn more about what algorithms there are, what you can do about them and how we can asssit you.

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What Algorithms Are There?

There are a number of algorithms which can have a negative impact on your websites rankings in Google’s search results, the main 3 being Google Panda, Google Penguin and a Manual Penalty. There are many other algorithms which can also have a negative impact on rankings; however these are normally much more focused on particular search queries such as “Payday Loans” which tend to be heavily spammed. The updates you should be mainly aware of currently are:

Each penalty has its own unique SEO recovery strategy which is why it is important you are able to identify the algorithm which has impacted your websites rankings before any efforts are made to recover. Should you carry out the wrong recovery techniques, your website could be further at risk.

Which Algorithm Has Impacted My Website?

Before you can recover your websites search engine optimization rankings you must first understand which penalty you have suffered from. The best way to identify what penalty you have been impacted by is by checking the latest news in the SEO industry for any algorithm changes and should there be a particular date your traffic / rankings dropped and an update rolled out, it is likely this is the penalty you were affected by.

If your website has already been hit by a penalty and this was a while ago, we have included the date of every update on the relevant penalty recovery page so you can cross-reference the date of your websites decline to these dates. Although it may not be announced straight away, Google will normally publicly announce any new algorithm updates made and what date these changes were put live.

Why Have My Rankings Declined?

SEO Rankings Declined
There are many reasons why your website may decline, which solely depend on the algorithm which has hit your website. Some examples of why your websites rankings may have declined are:

  • If you have been linking from a large number of low-quality websites using your main keywords in the anchor text, your website may have been impacted by Google Penguin. This is because spammy linking is deemed a black-hat technique which is against Google’s quality guidelines.
  • If your website contains a large amount of duplicate content, whether intentional or accidental, then your website may have been impacted by Google Panda. This is because Google prefer to only provide one website per piece of content as opposed to multiple websites, which is against Google’s Quality Guidelines.
  • If your website contains a large number of adverts at the top of your website with the intention to make money when clicked on, your website may have been hit by Google’s Top Heavy update. This is because Google prefer to provide the answer straight away as opposed to having to scroll down a page before they can find the answer.

Most of the time, a website owner may not have intentionally violated Google’s quality guidelines; however, this is why search engine optimisation exists, to ensure a website provides the best answer to a search query for Google to rank the website higher than competitor websites. This means Google’s quality guidelines should be adhered to at all times, so any future algorithm updates do not impact rankings and should any methods that currently work become known for causing penalties, they should be avoided to prevent penalties in future.

What Can I Do To Recover My Rankings?

What Can I Do To Recover My Rankings
There are a number of options depending on the algorithm you have been impacted by; however these options take both time and effort to achieve the best results. This is where we come in.

Recovery SEO has assisted a number of websites with their penalty issues and worked hard to return each websites rankings back to where they originally were. We are able to do this due to the time and effort we have put into researching each of the algorithm updates to identify fixes which can rectify a websites search engine optimisation positioning. This has involved intentionally having websites penalised by each penalty and then returning the rankings back to their original status.

Unfortunately, we cannot make any promises that we can return your websites rankings to where it was originally positioned, just like an SEO company should not promise to get your website onto page 1. We can, however, do our utmost to improve your current rankings as much as possible, and sometimes even further depending on the result of the work we carry.

To receive a quote for Recovery SEO to recover your SEO positioning, please contact us on help@recoveryseo.com or use the contact form above. The more information you provide about your circumstances will help us provide you a more accurate quote.

I’ve Recovered from a Penalty, What’s Next?

Post-Recovery SEO Services
Great! You’ve managed to do what a lot of website owners have struggled with or what a lot of SEO’s deem impossible. The next thing you will need is patience, as getting your rankings back to how they were or better won’t come instantly.

There are many SEO companies that provide ethical search engine optimisation services (such as ourselves) that will promote your website online using only white hat SEO techniques, as opposed to grey hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques. It is important that this time you stick by the rules at all times as it is now your responsibility to prove to Google that you are trustworthy and will not go against the webmaster guidelines ever again.

There are a number of things you can do to help improve the chances of your website improving, these are:

  • Become Socially Active – Although it is still yet to be confirmed by Google, it is speculated that social signals DO play a part in SEO, which is why it is a good idea to be active wherever you can with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.
  • Link Minimally – Link from only websites that you truly believe are for getting new visitors to your website, not for improving your rankings. You don’t want to overdo the linking to your website else you could potentially lead to another penalty, so link responsibility.
  • Improve Your Website Experience – Work on improving the experience your visitors have on your website wherever possible. There is a reason you want people visiting your website, so if there is anything you can do to improve that experience then now is the time to do so.
  • Be Patient – You may have recovered from the penalty, but that doesn’t mean you are going to recover all of your rankings. It can be difficult as it may be months before you start to receive regular traffic to your website, but it’s worth it in the end.

Our Post Recovery SEO Services

Alongside our SEO recovery and prevention services, we provide a range of ethical search engine optimization services for any business whether previously penalised or just looking to rank in Google. Our SEO services comply with Google’s quality guidelines so you can rest assured knowing any SEO techniques carried out by our team of SEO professionals are unlikely to result in a penalty for your website. We are frequently checking for any new changes in Google’s guidelines to ensure no techniques used are in violation of Google’s quality guidelines.

Recovering your rankings is only one part of the SEO puzzle, which is why our SEO services are available to help your website retain it’s positioning in the search results. Regardless of algorithm changes and manual penalties, websites will decline in Google’s search results if a regular effort is not made, which is why it is vital any company that considers SEO a large part of its marketing should hire an SEO company to ensure its rankings do not decline.

To give your website the best possible chance of ranking and retaining its positioning, our search engine optimization services cover the following areas:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Benchmark Ranking Report
  • Onsite & Offsite SEO Analysis
  • Onsite Optimisation
    • Page Titles
    • Headings
    • Content Optimisation
    • Internal Linking
    • Image Optimisation
    • Video Optimisation
    • Fix Onsite SEO Issues
  • Offsite Optimisation
    • Social Media
    • External Linking
    • Fix Offsite SEO Issues
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Google Webmasters Installation & Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Installation, Monitoring & Reporting

To enquire about our search engine optimization services, contact us on 01254 267 364 or email us at help@recoveryseo.com and we will discuss with you what options you have available. As an professional SEO company, we will do whatever it takes to get your website back to where it once was, but this time will be done the ethical way.